Sniffest 2024 edition

May 14, 2024, ISOEN 2024 conference

We are pleased to announce the 4th edition of the Sniffest! Sniffest is a student competition created for machine olfaction that has now been extended to include electronic tongue as well. Since its creation, Sniffest aims to attract new talent to the sensor community, create advance perspectives in the field by promoting practical and original solutions using sensors-associated valuable skills.

In the 4th edition will take place during the ISOEN conference, to be held in Grapevine, Texas, from May 12 – 15. Students will have the opportunity to show their capacities, bringing their own equipment to the test in ISOEN 2024.

The 4th edition of Sniffest will be focusing on a Texan fan favorite: Barbecue Sauce (BBQ).

Texas is most known for its iconic barbecue! Texans eat a variety of meats such as brisket, sausage, chicken, and ribs with the sweet and spicy sauce. The barbecued meats are typically served with savory sides, such as mashed potatoes and green beans, bread, pickles, and onions. Definitely worth a try when visiting Texas!

The teams are encouraged to optimize their sampling protocols for BBQ analysis at home and discuss with organizers any specific sampling requirements beforehand.

The competition will take place in the afternoon of Day 2. The competition will consist of two rounds: a qualification round, and a final round. In the qualification round, the teams will have 20 minutes to identify a specific characteristic of limited number of barbeque samples and qualify to the final round. The final round will follow a similar format, but with a more challenging detection problem.

Download full regulations here:

Please submit your application by email to the coordinator Radislav Potyrailo

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